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"Nipper" the RCA Dog!

"Nipper" became part of the culture. His likeness was produced in many forms - from printed artwork to statuary. The paper mache "Nipper's" were introduced in the 1930s and have remained a popular collectible! The leg on this paper mache Nipper was repaired using the same techniques used in original production.


The History of "Nipper" the RCA Dog!


"Nipper" is the famous icon of the RCA Gramophone Company - lending his image to the "Victrola & Victrola Records." The RCA logo made its debut in 1910,  in which the dog Nipper is sitting in front of a phonograph and listening in amazement. The motto "His Master's Voice" clarifies the message of the logo. The logo, based on a painting by Francis Barraud, "His Master's Voice", originally painted with the dog Nipper listening to a phonograph cylinder machine.